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A poem about the series called REAP

It has been said before,

That what you sow you reap,

Of what you plant you’ll keep.

And the longer you tend to it,

The greater the harvest you steep.

So what of this seed I speak?


It’s a simple fact,

That if we act,

In accordance to His word,

Something supernatural is birthed.

If we sow God’s seed,

In time we’ll see,

A harvest of unbelievable potential.

A crop so exponential,

That it will restore and reproduce,

Heal and be of everyday use.


But here’s where you start:

Know your seed.

The crop you seek lies in what you believe.

Discover this holy creed,

Which fills the need.

It’s designed,

With in mind,

Hungry mouths to feed.


And then in every season, tend to the crop.

Treat the wheat.

Prune the plant.

Though it may take a while,

Don’t let time be your focus.

Come on, let God’s spirit encourage us,

When our feet stumble,

Our stomachs grumble,

When our strength crumbles.


And when your day of planting comes to an end,

One command I have for you my friend:

Start up the combine!

A little oil, a turn of the key will do just fine.

It’s harvest time!

Go collect your due.

Go seek the fruit fallen from abundance.

This crop has birthed because of you,

Because of your faith & endurance.


And once you have it

Don’t keep it!

Use it to feed the hungry,

Help the sick & lift up the lowly.

Will it for the weak,

And in time people will seek,

From where this sustenance pours & leaks.

Give it out so that all will know just how good God is,

Just how great God is!

He’s brought peace to our pain.

He’s brought patience to our plight,

Created faithfulness through the night.

He’s brought goodness to this estate,

And helped me love when all I felt was hate

He’s brought gentleness where it was rough,

And created joy when it was tough.

He’s brought kindness where there was mistake,

And self-control where there was much cake!

And here’s what’s at stake…


Your life.

So think twice,

What will you plant and what will you tend to?

Because as humans we tend to,

Plant something and expected a different crop.


Decide what you sow,

And decide to know,

The one who causes it to grow.

The Spirit lies within seeds,

An answer to famished needs.


Jesus is your seed,

Church, arise and develop a righteous greed!

Desire to know Jesus,

So that he can heal us,

So that he can release us,

And feed us!


You see this little rhythm,

Is to help you find,

The one who healed the blind,

The original first-fruit,

The one who is my root.

Jesus Christ, who died for you.

Follow him and He will nourish,

You’ll be saved and you will flourish.


Thank you.

Author: Ben Tarbuck

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