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Almost there…

WelcomeIn the past few weeLightsks, after some delays with materials and a lot of organisation, we now have made significant progress in the completion of phase one in with our building works. After two days of tarmac deliveries and line painting, we’ve gone from having an uneven car park, to a fully usable and smooth surface!  As part of the works, the access bridge into Postcode (coffee house) is now complete, meaning that we have a central entrance point for Sunday Gatherings. Edging closer to the end of the first phase of works, we now have light beacons situated around the bridge and access into the building. We continue to be energised by God at the opportunities we have to create something that can be used for the people of Wigan, and beyond.

A special thank you to all of the devoted volunteers and companies who have gone the extra mile to ensure we finish this stage before the Winter months draw in.


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