• Weather The Weather

    Being born and bred in the north of England, I am no stranger to consistent ‘cold and wet’ weather reports in the height of July; it is a legitimate risk to plan anything outdoors without a back-up plan in any typical Summer month. My preferred season would be an endless

  • ‘Well, I’ve got something to look forward to now’

    ‘Well, I’ve got something to look forward to now’ I have been a part of countless conversations where each person details the long litany of events, weddings, birthday celebrations and holidays that they are looking forward to in the whirlwind of their life. I too have been an avid contributor

  • What Are The Reasons?

    Seasons are always the topic of conversation in a nation that is obsessed with the weather and its patterns. However when it comes to climate change the scientists tell us that it’s more the decisions of mankind than meteorological influences that determine our planets welfare. When we look at our

  • A poem about the series called REAP

    It has been said before, That what you sow you reap, Of what you plant you’ll keep. And the longer you tend to it, The greater the harvest you steep. So what of this seed I speak?   It’s a simple fact, That if we act, In accordance to His

  • The Comparison Game

    Throughout the seasons of our lives and our journey with God, we will at some point struggle with issues of jealousy, rivalry and comparing ourselves to the people around us. Often, those issues are birthed out of an admiration for another person’s personality, looks, family, success, wealth, clothes, home, friendships

  • Out Of My Mind (Spoken Word)

    There are many loose ends that send good people round the metaphorical bend Kids running round; creating havoc in the house Juggling the bills, spinning the plates, getting the best tariff rates Healthy eating, calorie beating With so many annoyances, so many nuances, so many things to frustrate and debate