The Art of Growing in God

By the time our children go to High school, most of the values which shape their beliefs have been formed. In these formative years we want to guide the children through experiences that will equip them for life.

We have created bespoke environments, innovative curriculum’s and built relationships in such a way that we teach children the art of growing in God. We want children to flourish in skillful and Godly wisdom, drawing understanding from God’s word and life’s experiences.


The Gallery    

The Gallery is a space that has been designed to cater for the needs of young children whilst allowing parents to remain engaged with the gathering. If your child is 0 – 2 years old and they become unsettled in the main auditorium this is an environment for you.



Squiggles is a learning environment that is specifically designed to encourage 2 – 3 year old children to grow in God through the Art of play where the character of God is reflected and experienced.



Sketch is for children who are in Preschool, Reception and Year 1. Through key role modelling and kinaesthetic learning, the children develop their emotional intelligence alongside biblical values. We encourage the children to reflect and express in creative ways how they see God and others.



Shapers is for children who are in Year 2 – Year 4. Here we actively enable children to process wisdom and knowledge gained through teaching and life experiences, shaping their identity in Christ.



Etch is for children who are in Year 5 + Year 6. Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We encourage children to apply their knowledge through good judgement and having a personal relationship with God in their daily lives.


We engage children on a journey upon which they can learn to LOVE, GROW and SERVE in the ways Jesus did.