Great coffee and conversation

Postcode is our coffee house where we meet friends, both old and new, before and after the Gathering.

It is a bustling space which is perfect for sitting down or standing with family, and catching up with people from all backgrounds of life. We love to serve handcrafted coffee, tea, cold drinks and some snacks.

Postcode is open from 10:15am before the Gathering on Sunday, and straight afterwards until 1:15pm.


The Gathering is an important part of our week as Today’s Community Church. We believe that this is vital to strengthen the church, embrace those who are seeking God, and invite those from all walks of life who search to belong to something greater than themselves.

Every Sunday at 11am, we meet together to sing songs as part of our worship, learn together from the bible, share stories, and be empowered to live energised lives which serve others. We value strong community with a purpose, and would love for you to join us at the Gathering; make sure you’re here in time so we can welcome you and help you find a seat.

What’s on for kids?

Kids are such a valued part of our church community, and we believe their creativity, life and talents aren’t just special for the future, but for now. Because of this, we have Kids Church which is designed specifically to inspire children to understand God, one another, and the world that they’re a part of. This happens in an engaging and fun way, using activities and resources which are relevant to them.

You can sign your children into Kids Church at the registration table when you arrive at our building, and one of the team would love to meet you, show you around the rooms which the children meet in, and answer any questions you may have.

For more information regarding Kids Church, please click the link and visit the page: Kids Church