If you have read God’s Story, you’ll know that there are four chapters in humanity’s story:

These four chapters exist in your life too. In fact, every one of us has followed the same cycle. We all started somewhere and all hit a problem at some point. We then met Jesus who saved us and we’ve experienced a measure of healing ever since.

We have been created in the image of God, our identity and wholeness is found in Him. We all do things wrong that separate us from this wholeness, whether it be sin, brokenness or simply mistakes. Our Heavenly knows this so He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us. His death paid the price for the consequence of our actions. We don’t deserve Heaven after death or blessing in this life, but God gifts it to us nonetheless. Finally, his Holy Spirit restores us back to our origins. We become whole again and healed, walking side-by-side with God. This is the story of us.



Ok, it’s time to get down to business.

As you put your personal story together, it’s really important to see yourself through the lenses of each chapter, this forms the structure of your story. It will reveal a consistent thread through your story.

Let’s start to map out your story using the four points. Grab your notepad or note taking app, sit down with a drink and be honest as you answer the questions. Each chapter has a number of them to help you piece it all together.




How did your journey start?

What was your life like growing up?

Who or what most shaped your understanding of yourself?Â





What was broken or missing from your life?Â

What type of things did you use to try to “fix” your life?

How was your relationship with God or others not the way God created it to be?





How did you come to put your faith in Jesus?

What convinced you of God’s goodness and grace?

What have you been rescued from?





What is your life like now?

What has changed since finding Jesus?

What is your hope or dream now?



That exercise should’ve stretched you but also helped you figure your personal journey out. Feel free to download and print a story form to help you piece together your story:

Story Form (A Tool To Help You Write Your Story)

So, what next?

Here are three simple steps you can take next:


  1. Pray over it and reflect on it for a few days. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal other elements of His power at work in your life. Thanks God for taking on your journey of new life and pray for those who stuck to your in your story.
  1. Tell someone in your church life. By sharing it with a fellow believer, you practice it and get to hear yourself tell someone. It helps as you continue to think it through. It will also bless and build your friend up; challenge them to get their story written.
  1. Use our Serve the World guide and, when it’s right, share your story with someone you are serving. Your story, as simple or as grandsons as it is, would have a great impression on those you’re seeking to influence toward God.



There you go … happy days! Isn’t it great to finally know your own story and be able to celebrate it. Now you know it, go and create some more.


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